Household compost toilets in Tipitapa, Nicaragua

GiveLove travelled back to Nicaragua to check in with Sweet Progress and their pilot project in Tipitapa. The EcoSaneadoras (EcoSan Girls) have been working hard with local families since September to promote EcoSan and provide affordable alternatives to crude pit latrines, and the practice of open defecation. While not very common in Central America, we found that many people went outside to defecate because the majority of households in Tipitapa can’t afford to hire people to dig a proper pit latrine. We were shocked to learn that it can cost a family $150 to dig a latrine – this is quite out of reach for families living on US$2.00 per day.

In just a few months since our training program launched, 25 families have learned how to manage their own compost toilets. By end of summer, 50 households will be participating in project. GiveLove was pleasantly surprised by the rapid adoption of the compost toilets in this community, and overall enthusiasm for learning practical composting skills. Our success in Tipitapa stresses the importance of working with strong local partners and involving communities to participate in the project on their own time frame. One women loved her toilet so much she asked to join Sweet Progress so she could help bring improved sanitation to more families in her community. Several women were overcome with tears and emotion when they talked with Alisa Keesey about how the toilets changed their lives. Stay tuned for more exciting news from this terrific and groundbreaking project.