Are Ugandans ready for compost sanitation?

GiveLove travelled to West Nile District with International Medical Outreach in April 2016 to kick off an ambitious skills training program at five primary schools. Steffan Thimmes and Samuel Autran Dourado spent two weeks working with local carpenters and teachers to retrofit some outdated pit latrines with compost toilets. East Africa is an interesting place to pilot compost toilets because there’s an abundant supply of dry, carbon cover material available. The kids at the schools were able to cut large amounts of grass for the compost bins in a matter of minutes. Sam will return with IMO to see how their project is being managed, and if local families are ready to volunteer for the household pilot. Sam’s Ph.D. research will explore the many social, economic, and cultural factors that determine whether improved sanitation is valued and adopted. Will Ugandans trade their pit latrines for compost toilets? Check in with us to follow this pilot.