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GiveLove was contacted by International Medical Outreach (IMO) to provide technical support for their new sanitation project in Papoga, Uganda in West Nile. Like many organizations that contact GiveLove for technical advice, IMO was intrigued by the Humanure Handbook but didn’t know how to start a training program on their own. IMO joined our technical team in Nicaragua in February 2016 for a three-day visit with Sweet Progress to learn about GiveLove’s training methodologies and other practical aspects of project management prior to the program launch in Uganda. In April, Samuel Autran Dourado and Steffan Thimmes spent two weeks training compost technicians, teachers, and students for the compost toilet pilot being launched at five primary schools, and 30 volunteer households scheduled for summer 2016. The team also worked with carpenters to retrofit rundown pit latrines, and explore appropriate designs for compost bins and squat toilets. GiveLove donated tools, materials, and thermometers for the school projects. Uganda has very high rates of Ascaris infection because the parasites are endemic in the region, and hard to treat with worming medication alone. Worldwide, about 1.2 billion people suffer from Ascaris, and other chronic parasite infections which can weaken the immune system and contribute to malnutrition. The Uganda program will be one of several area case studies to study best practices for community-based sanitation programs, and evaluate the feasibility of compost sanitation in different climate zones and cultural contexts.