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Standing Rock
Robby Romero, native activist and founder of Native Children’s Survival, invited GiveLove to Standing Rock to replace the chemical toilets at Oceti Sakowin camp to prevent pollution of the sacred Sioux lands and Missouri River.

Patricia Arquette, Alisa Keesey, Steffan Thimmes, and Cosmo Pfeil spent five months at Standing Rock working with the Water Protectors to provide clean compost toilets for the thousands of indigenous activists and supporters living in the prayer camp.

Sparked by local indigenous youth, the Standing Rock protest and movement was the largest historic gathering of Indigenous Nations in over 100 years. The peaceful mobilization against the Dakota Access Pipeline — #NoDAPL — galvanized a global movement for indigenous rights and sovereignty, environmental justice, and climate change activism.

GiveLove received vital support from Becca Dakini, founder of Protectors Alliance, and a team of highly skilled carpenters and volunteers who tapped into their networks to raise funds for the project and complete the construction of the toilet tents.

Working in collaboration with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST) EPA and Chairman Dave Archambault II, indigenous leadership and youth, and hundreds of volunteers, GiveLove and Protectors Alliance launched our most ambitious and technically challenging compost toilet project during North Dakota’s harsh winter under extreme blizzard conditions.

Volunteers worked around the clock to keep the toilet blocks well-heated and clean for thousands of camp residents from December until February 22nd, when the camp was forcibly evacuated by state forces.

We’re honored to Stand with Standing Rock in support of this historic stand for native sovereignty and environmental rights.

Special thanks to: Robby Romero, Dave Archambault II, Dennis Banks, Phyllis Young, Allyson Two Bears, Doug Crow Ghost, Chase Iron Eyes, Last Real Indians, Henry Crow, Burners without Borders, UNIFY, Scott Moore y Medina (Blue Star Integrated Design), Mike Henson (Kuruks), and the entire staff at Prairie Knights Casino.

Build Team: Becca Dakini, Joe Britt, Tyler Russel, Dustin Wright, Robert White, Zach Guiler, Michaela Kary, Savi Maker, Tristan Bennet, Ryan Halwachs, Mo Mosco, Jamaica Stevens, Eric Gamberone, Cynthia Jones, and Johanna.

Compost Team: Steffan Thimmes, Cosmo Pfeil, Tristan Bennet, Daniel Wallace, Chase Christiansen, Tristan Bennet, John Brazowski, and Cyrus.

Volunteers:Hundreds of volunteers helped build the toilets and managed compost toilets and supply runs 24/7 for five months. Special thanks to Last Real Indians and their volunteers for running the pick-ups during the winter. Thank you!



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