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What we do

GiveLove is a U.S. based skills training NGO dedicated to the teaching and promotion of Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) and compost sanitation. Since 2010, the organization has worked in emergency and development contexts to introduce low-cost, decentralized sanitation systems based on container-based sanitation and humanure composting approaches. Specializing in dry toilets – also known as compost toilets – GiveLove’s technical teams work in high-need and water-scarce areas to provide safe alternatives to pit latrines in challenging environments.

GiveLove has implemented training programs in Haiti, Nicaragua, Colombia, Uganda, Kenya, India and the United States (in partnership with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation).

The organization works in partnership with NGOs, community-based organizations, schools, youth groups, universities, and government to build capacity in emerging sanitation sectors through: technical skills training, program design and support, staff training, monitoring and evaluation, and design consultancy. GiveLove seeks to strengthen local initiatives to improve sanitation in high-risk communities by designing appropriate sanitation solutions, and training master trainers and community-level sanitation technicians to implement and manage projects.